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Forced Vaccines
2nd Amendment & The Constitution versus Globalism and The One World Government of a New World Order
Book 1: "President Kopitke 2016: Towards an American Renaissance" is Doctor's Kopitke's Official Campaign and Position book; it is over 600 pages long (half sheets) in PDF download. If you want to learn about the dangers of Forced Vaccines, Globalism, and the importance of reforming the 1%, and Saving our Earth through appropriate Environmentalism, and Saving our Beloved and Inspired Constitution and Reforming Student Loans, then this is the book for you. Please click the below link to order.
Book 2: "President Kopitke 2016: Volunteer Handbook" is Doctor's Kopitke's Official Volunteer Handbook and offers "step by step" counsel on how to help; available in a PDF download. Please click the below link to order.
Book 3: "On the Trail with the History Detective: Did Joseph Smith, Jr. have more than one wife: A Scholarly Review" is Doctor Kopitke's ground breaking research proving Joseph Smith was only married to one wife; Emma. Avilable in PDF.
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Student Loans and 1% Issues
Save the Internet
Why I Am Running for for President of The United States of America
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Book 4: "President Kopitke 2016: How To Save Your Marriage" discusses techniques to Save your marriage; great gift for newlyweds; in PDF.
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