Save the Internet
"Will you help me Save the Internet? As you must be aware, the Democrats and Republicans who support a move towards a One World Government, have molded the United Nations to purpose a "Global Internet" that is not controlled by the United States of America, but by a "Globalist agency." As President Kopitke, I will protect and preserve the sovereignty of the American Internet. If you support a Free Internet, then please donate today, and help our Cause with Ballot Access Signatures. There is no other way to Save our Internet. The "Globalist Agency" control of the Internet will lead to the brutal censorship of many Great Alternative American News Media websites." "Please help me Save the Internet."

And now.......a bit about Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke through the years.....
Young Kyle went with his parents to Philmont; Scout Master Ray Kopitke in the middle
Young Kyle's first job was "washing mugs" at the A & W his parents owned.
Doctor Kopitke donated a kidney to his Brother Terry in 1976
Elder Kopitke served in the England London East Mission; here with Elders Wurtz, Grossman and Goodwin
Kyle and Annie on the grounds of The Manila Temple. Holiness to The Lord; The House of The Lord.
On Mount Ararat
84,000 Votes in 1990
2nd Baseman
1992 U. S. Senate debate