Military Experience
Like my
who served
in World War I
Like my
who served
in World War II
I too served;
my service
was in
The Cold War
Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke is the only top tier Presidential Candidate that has "classical Military Experience." "Classical Military Experience" is serving in the Armed Forces of United States of America for an extended period of "full time," on "active" service. The Doctor Kopitke's record shows Doctor Kopitke serving in The United States Army for three years, with additional time in The United States Army Reserve. The most important aspect of being President of The United States of America is being Commander-In-Chief. Doctor Kopitke has stated: "We have had three "well meaning" Presidents in a row who did not have "Classical Military Experience," and the results have been in having our Military gutted and decimated. "We just can't afford to have another President who does not have strong military experience from a "Classical Military Experience" baseline. We have had four presidents in a row that have sold out our National Defense Policy and Readiness, to pay back their political donors who were members of the 1% and Defense Contractor sector. We need a President that will base our National Defense Policy and National Defense Strategy based on sound military tactics, and not based upon political donations."

Doctor Kopitke continues: "Jihadist Terrorists, funded by Iran and Libya, tried to blow me up with a hand grenade. A year later Terrorists set off a bomb behind where we were living; we lost our child that night as my pregnant wife was traumatized from the attack. Since 1979 we have been in the midst of World War T (Terrorism); this is a war we must win." President Kopitke will take National Security seriously.